• M.Tech., Dual-Degree Project Guidance:> 40
  • B.Tech. Project Guidance:> 80

Research Scholars:

  • M. Joyce Nirmala, YOUNG SCIENTIST (DST-SERB)

[Current area of research: Nanobiomedicine]

India is a rich producer of different varieties (>60) of Spices. But only few spices have been researched so far for various medical applications. Our current work aims at formulating unraveled Indian spices using nanotechnological approach for applications in cancer medicine and antimicrobial therapy.

  • Saranya Sugumar, NPDF (DST-SERB)

[Current area of research: Nanocomposite film]

Formulation of nanoemulsion based thin films is aimed to enhance the physical properties and application potentials of conventional based products. This can revolutionize the field of agriculture and pharmacy.

  1. Prasad Sai (ongoing)
  2. Srivalli Hariharan (ongoing)
  3. Srikrishnarka Pillalamarri (ongoing; ID student; co-Guide: T Pradeep, CHY)
  4. Vishal Kumar (ongoing; ID student; co-Guide: T Pradeep, CHY)
  1. Sreenita Bhattacharya (2013)
  2. Hari Krishna Reddy (2013)
  3. Easter Prince (co-Guide: ArunTangirala) (2014)
  1. R. Gopi (2008)
  2. VetriMurugan (2008)
  3. K. Jagannathan (2010)
  4. C. Shivamurthy (co-Guide: Prof. Kamaraj) (2010)
  5. Ambedkar (Springer Best Thesis Prize Winner; co-Guide: Srinivas Jayanti) (2011)
  6. P. Dhanalakshmi (2013)
  7. Balakrishnan (nominated for AIChE George Klinzing Best Ph.D. Award) (2015)
  8. Mercy Anna Philip (2015)
  9. Ponmani Surendranath (2015)
  10. Jyoti Kumari (2017; VIT University, Vellore; co-Guide: Prof. Amitava Mukherjee, VIT)