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Welcome to the research group of Dr. Niket Kaisare at the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. Our major research thrust is in the area of Multi-scale Modeling, Analysis and Control of Reacting Systems for Energy Applications. Our expertise lies in both Reaction Engineering and Process Control. We are engaged in integration of multiscale modeling, reactor design and optimal control in a coherent framework.

We have several research openings available, for both undergraduates and postgraduates in our group. Please check the research page to get an overview of the research activities in our group.

About the PI

Dr. Kaisare received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech, working on "Modeling, Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Switching Systems." Thereafter, he did a post-doc at University of Delaware working on modeling of microchemical systems for portable power generation. He then spent four years as Assistant Professor in IIT-Madras. He then switched to industrial R&D for three years, working at General Motors and ABB Corporate Research. He joined back in November 2014 as Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering at IIT-Madras

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