Group Leader

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Current Research Scholars

Pratheeba C.N.
PhD Student
Modeling of engine and aftreatment for emission control
Aswathi R.
PhD Candidate (Joined: Jan-2015)
R. Aravind
PhD Candidate (Joined: Jan-2015)
Plant-wide Control
Moulish K.
MS Student (Joined: Jan-2015)
Y. Neha
PhD Candidate (Joined: July-2015)
Catalytic combustion in microchannels
P. Sridhar
PhD Candidate (Joined: July-2015)
Adsorptive storage of natural gas
Devyani Sharma
MS Student (Joined: July-2015)
Catalytic Reforming
Nishithan Balaji
MS Student (Joined: July-2015)
Catalytic Convertor Modeling (jointly with Prof. Preeti Aghalayam)
Hari Hara Sudhan
Project Associate (Joined: July-2015)
Reduced-Order Modeling of On-Board Reformer (jointly with Dr. Sridhar Narasimhan)

Current M.Tech. Students

Amit Kunte
Modeling and Design of Microreactors

Current B.Tech. Students

P. Akhilesh
Ignition and Transients in Microburners

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Past M.Tech Students